Ultrasound Services
SonoNet provides the following Ultrasound Services

SonoNet's team of highly qualified and experienced sonographers is supported by the latest digital equipment and physicians specializing in ultrasound procedures. SonoNet delivers the state-of-the-art sonography services directly to your offices - and to your patients - with highest quality and convenience and lowest cost.

SonoNet will assist you in developing a customized program that keeps your patients in your office and offers you better control over patient treatment plans.

Services We Perform:
SonoNet provides ultrasound services in the following areas. Cardiac Ultrasound, Vascular Ultrasound and Wellness Ultrasound. For specific information about exams we perform Select Exam Type below to view more detailed information
We're leaders in treating as well as preventing — the most complex cardiovascular conditions. . We strive to better serve patients, to improve the health care experience.

Cardiac Ultrasound

Cardiac ultrasoundt uses standard ultrasound techniques to image two-dimensional slices of the heart. In addition to creating two-dimensional pictures of the cardiovascular system, an echocardiogram can also produce accurate assessment of the velocity of blood and cardiac tissue at any arbitrary point using pulsed or continuous wave Doppler ultrasound. This allows assessment of cardiac valve areas and function, any abnormal communications between the left and right side of the heart, any leaking of blood through the valves

Vascular Ultrasound

Vascular ultrasound is a noninvasive ultrasound used to examine the blood circulation in the arms and legs. Non- invasive means the procedure does not require the use of needles, dyes, radiation or anesthesia.

Wellness Ultrasound

Highly skilled technologists conduct non-invasive, ultrasound screenings. Our inexpensive preventative health screenings are completed in a matter of minutes. We offer many packages, a Complete Wellness, IMT, ABI and AAA Screening Package.

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SonoNet will develop a customized program that keeps your patients in your office and offers you better control over patient treatment plans. A partnership with SonoNet will directly and immediately contribute to your bottom line by combining SonoNet's resources and expertise with global billing and a proven, compliant arrangement for reimbursing your overhead expenses.
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