Benefits to Your Practice:

Accredited Laboratory - SonoNet's accredited laboratory provided more than10,000 ultrasound study interpretations in the last calendar year.

Board Certified Cardiologists - SonoNet's medical director holds a board certification in Cardiology, and Level II & III training.

Peace of Mind - Protocols in place for privacy, efficiency, accuracy, and adherence to national standards.

Nationally Accredited Laboratory

Accredited Laboratory - SonoNet understands that today's health care organizations are held to very high levels of accountability by peers, by the general public, and by Medicare and other payers.

Accordingly, SonoNet meets the challenge: all SonoNet entities are nationally accredited with both ICAEL and ICAVL.
View Our Current ICAEL Accrediation Letter:As a SonoNet Client your practice automatically becomes accredited as a mobile site through our accreditation process. In the future all payers will require offices performing services to be accredited. See site listings beginning on page 2 of our current ICAEL Accreditation Letter.